• Veterinary referral is required by law for any animal under veterinary care in accordance with the veterinary surgeons act 1966. Healthy animals receiving maintenance care do not require consent form the vet.

  • I have to right to refuse to treat if it is thought the animal is aggressive & potentially may harm me or anyone else, seems unwell, has a new undiagnosed lameness or condition, or is showing symptoms of a infectious or contagious disease. 

  • I will be adhering to all the current and relevant COVID19 regulations and I expect you to do so as well. 

  • All equipment is cleaned and sanitised before & after each animal.

All equipment, techniques and advice are specific to each individual and are not necessarily the right thing for each patient. 

And please remember as your pet or horses physiotherapist I am here to help promote, maintain, or restore health and this can be a long process of team work between me, you, your vet and potentially other paraprofessionals.