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Benefits of regular physio sessions

Why have regular Physiotherapy check ups ?

Does my horse, dog, or pet really need physiotherapy ? What are the benefits of spending on regular sessions ? Well the answer is, there’s no right or wrong on what you should do, we’re all different including our animals, we’re all built slightly differently an respond differently and so do they. But spending some time & attention on keeping joints, muscles, ligaments at their best can be key to the longevity of your animals, weather domestic pets or animals working or competition athletes.

Every session can be tailored to specific needs, and goals set out by you, your vet and your physiotherapist developing and changing as things progress.

  • An active healthy animal can benefit like us form manual therapy’s such as massage and stretching on tight, tired, or over used muscles therefore potentially preventing or spotting an injury early before it could start to effect behaviour and performance long term.

  • Improve Overall Movement Quality, having regular check ups with your physio can address any little niggles and promote improvement in performance, range of motion, and help to develop increased strength and stamina.

  • Improved Muscle Balance and Symmetry having an ”outside eye” observing, taking notes and developing specific training plans, helping you compare, build up and work towards better symmetry, which in turn helps to balance the body reducing the risk of over strain on muscles, ligaments and joints.

  • Reduced Healing Times, and a Faster Return to Work Post Injury, following up and working with the vet, healing can be promoted through the regular use of your physiotherapists machines and manual skills. advice on effective, progressive, practical rehabilitation tailored to the individual needs and goals.

  • Tailored and Outcome Focused Approach, your physiotherapists approach is specifically tailored to your requirements and your horse's or dogs needs and all treatments and advice are based and focused upon mutually agreed, realistic goals specifically for you, targeted on your desired outcomes at the end of treatment.

  • relevant, evidence based “on tap” advice and support! All physiotherapists registered with a governing body are required to carry out CPD to improve, progress and keep their knowledge and techniques relevant and up to date.

weather you decide to keep things regular or not, hopefully i have given you some insight into what could benefit your animals and areas that can be addressed and monitored to help your animals be the best they can be

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