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Top 6 Physio tips for laminitis recovery

Laminitis... what a massive subject!

A condition I see regularly, so here's my top physio tips to get you back on track

  • Follow the vets advice, keep on top of the meds... even if your horse starts moving easier the meds must continue, their not just for pain but are also anti-inflammatories.

  • A deep bed! the vet will insist on box rest & you horse will want to sit down, take the weight off of his or her feet and make it a nice place for them to be in.

  • Foot support, work with the farrier and vet to find a solution to support the sole and frog

  • Physio! using massage and passive stretching to help with blood circulation, limit atrophy and address any compensatory sore areas whilst on box rest. (Massage can also boost mental health & lower stress levels!)

  • Physio!! Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy can help with pain and inflammation whilst simultaneously boosting recovery time.

  • And more Physio!!! your physiotherapist should tailor a rehabilitation plan specific to your horses needs.

Taking advice from you physiotherapist should in no way be instead of or contradict the advice given by the vet, every case is different and a vet must always be consulted.

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